A conversation with the future, Smita Shah

O’Hare International Airport is undergoing a $6.6 billion expansion. The design and construction of the lighting for a new runway is part of a $14 million venture. This project will be taken on by Spaan Technology, a civil engineering firm started and managed by Smita Shah. She is the daughter of Indian immigrants to the United States and was recently interviewed on the Steve Cochran show. When mentioning this million dollar project, she briefly referred to it as a fun runway project. A woman who can speak so casually and quickly about millions of dollars is definitely a success. The company she started just out of college records a $10 million annual revenue and employs fifty professionals.

Started just 20 years ago, Spaan Technology has been recognized as one of the fastest growing private companies by Inc Magazine. They have accomplished such feats as relocating a call center during a blackout and upgrading the plumbing of Barack Obama’s Chicago office when he was still a senator. They are also on the cutting edge of engineering. They work with city and state governments to integrate technology into public systems by making roads, bridges and street lights. They also work on energy efficient housing by designing multi-family housing and ways to creatively integrate solar panels into private properties. Connect with Smita on LinkedIn

A graduate of MIT with a master’s in civil and environmental engineering with additional degrees from Northwestern University and Oxford University, Smita Shah is inspiring. Growing up, Smita Shah was a math nerd and now encourages other young students with her involvement in the Museum of Science and Industry. As a woman of color, Smita Shah mentors many people from diverse backgrounds. She told Steve Cochran that she realized one day that about half of her employees were minorities or women. “We are own best advocates,” she said. Smita Shah has demonstrated that by being one of the many pioneers who paved the way for other women to enter into a male-dominated field. She also won the Ellis Island Medal for encouraging international links. She is often invited to be a keynote speaker or to be interviewed by the local and national media. Learn more: https://wgnradio.com/2018/04/25/solving-engineering-riddles-meet-smita-shah/