Academy Of Art University Ex Fashion Students Are Thriving

One of the largest privately owned art universities is the Academy of Art University. The Academy of Art University is currently based in San Francisco, California and was formerly known as the Academy of Art College. The founder of the Academy of Art University is a gentleman by the name of Richard Stepens and he founded the University in 1929. The University originally did not have diverse artistic programs the school’s purpose initially was to teach advertising art only. The Academy of Art University current curriculum extends from movie production to fashion design. The Academy of Art University has grown tremendously under the leadership of Elisa Stepens which is the original founders daughter. She has taken the school to over 1500 employees both full-time and part-time. She has also grew the schools enrollment roster to over 11,000 students.

The Academy of Art University fashion students alumni are currently thriving and making a name for themselves in the fashion industry. There are advantages for potential fashion design students to attend the Academy of Art University fashion school. This is the only accredited fashion program in the United States and they have their own definition of fashion allowing a students creative ability to reach their full potential. Another advantage that is associated with attending the School of Fashion at Academy of Art University is that because they are the only accredited school for fashion in the United States the graduates are immediately ready for the workforce after completion of their degree. The students receive education in the areas of the fashion industry that will help them to succeed, such as developing a keen sartorial eye, the skill to be versatile if the market changes, and a great sense of business acumen. All these are the tools that will be needed for a successful career in the fashion industry.

The Academy of Art University is really the best choice for any young individual who is interested in any type of media to fashion driven profession. The academy is accredited in every curriculum that it teaches and has industry-driven professionals who have actually worked in the industries that they teach. This academy is well-known across the goal and carries weight in each industry that it provides a degree in. The academy has produced a lot of successful graduates who work throughout the entertainment and fashion industries.

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