Alexis Kennedy and the Weather Factor

Alexis Kennedy is a video game writer and designer who founded the Weather Factory in 2017 with the help of Lottie Bevan. Lottie Bevan, cofounder of the Weather Factor, is among the youngest female founders out there for similar ventures. The goal behind the undertaking was to create narrative games that highlighted an indie feel and aesthetic.

The company is now working on the Cultist Simulator, which is a card game that has been nominated for two BAFTAs. However, the Weather Factory has created numerous additional games and achieved awards like the Best Game Design at the Develop Star Awards.

Cultist Simulator is a game that centers on concepts of both apocalypse and yearning. It is currently available on a variety of different platforms including Google Play, Steam,, and the App Store. There are numerous memorable scenarios that make up the game’s narrative. While playing, players can create tools. They can also make choices regarding the sanity levels of the victory scenario. Many things can happen to players of the game. They can face destruction at the hands of inner demons or they can even bring in a great new age.

Cultist Simulator was founded with a kickstarter campaign. It enjoyed an enormous amount of popularity and has been nominated for many different awards in addition to the two BAFTAs.

Alexis Kennedy does both game designing and narrative writing. Another entity that he founded was Failbetter Games. Under Failbetter Games, he developed Sunless Sea and Fallen London. Kennedy is a British designer who got into indie game development when he was taking a sabbatical from work to take care of his newborn child. He created Fallen London in 2009 and founded an initiative known as Fundbetter in 2016. Fundbetter works to fund new narrative or interactive fiction games that show a great deal of promise. The initiative has helped fund numerous projects to date.