Always Making Music: The Chainsmokers

Alex Pall and Andrew “Drew” Taggart are the two DJ’s who form the Chainsmokers, a New York based dance/electronic duo that has been making waves across genres. They are a perennial live band, releasing new singles (often for free through their website) in-between full-length albums and EP’s.

The most recent of these singles, July’s “Side Effects, features friend of the Chainsmokers, and regular collaborator, Emily Warren. Described as one of the Chainsmokers “favorite people”, Warren brings a smooth vocal style to “Side Effects'” upbeat, disco-influenced new song. Having been through a rough patch recently, and having that reflected in their song releases, the Chainsmokers wanted something that would be a “summer banger, something to help them and their fans transition to the brighter, sunnier days of summertime.

The duo are always writing new songs and trying to come up with new directions for those songs. They have gone from being behind a turntable during their live shows to bringing in aspects of more traditional live bands. They especially enjoy having a drummer on stage with them: However, they don’t use a set group for each show. Rather, they prefer to play it by ear, see how they feel that night and what the vibe from the crowd is.

The Chainsmokers are used to crowds of varying size. They play in clubs for audiences of a few hundred, and they play arenas for crowds of tens of thousands. They say they have no preference for crowd size. It is more important for them to play for a crowd that is there to party and wants to have a good time, be it a crowd of two hundred or twenty thousand.

With more music always in production, the Chainsmokers are set to keep themselves in the public eye with their regular release of singles. They have announced an album is in the works, but refrain from giving a date for release: They’d rather keep it open until they have the album where they want it to be, then they will set a date and release the record then.