Barbara Stokes Contribution To Disaster Management

Green Structure Homes is a reputable company that focuses on providing relief during disaster in Huntsville, Alabama. The firm engages in the construction of modular homes, which are environmentally friendly and also energy efficient. The current CEO of Green Structure Homes, Barbara Stokes, has always ensured that the company provide great and affordable habitat for the target people. Visit PRNewswire to know more about Barbara.

Barbara Stokes has also worked hard to ensure that the firm deals with emerging disasters accordingly. The company is equipped with warehouses, fleet of well-maintained trucks, excellent designers and qualified engineers for that purpose. Barbara Stokes leads her team in land planning, feasibility studies and situation analysis to ensure their projects are successful.

Barbara Stokes once mentioned that the company is quite fortunate to have a talented team to handle engineering and design work. She is always at work to see to it that all the ideas are implemented as planned. Visit to know more about Barbara Stokes.

The innovative company serves both the private customers and the government. Over the years, Green Structure Homes has completed various projects, structures installations and installation of underground utilities. In addition, they have built gates in military places and guard shacks that are bullet resistant.

GSH of Alabama partnered with Barbara Stokes and donated their services to Habitat for Humanity in Madison County. The beneficiaries of the innovative project got affordable housing. They also trained people on how to go about home repairs, great landscaping and guided on mortgages. With Barbara Stokes at the helm, Green Structure Homes is likely to achieve more and impact lives.