Benefitting From Charter Schools At Rocketship Education

One organization, Rocketship Education, is trying to equalize the so-called “achievement gap” in order to make sure that parents still have options even though they can’t afford to send their children to higher echelon schools such as Montessori or other private institutions due to there not being enough space, or because the price point is too high. The R approach helps to even this out.

These options from Rocketship Education include something else besides public school if the child is gifted enough. This is where the “achievement gap” comes in. This means that there are few options for parents with children who are higher achievers. So, Rocketship helps poorer children find a way to get the education they need anyway.

With Rocketship education, this is done through the charter system, which gets money from the public schooling system. This means that even those who can’t pay for a private school can benefit from Rocketship Education by having extra choices for where to send their children beyond just the regular public school nearby. That way, the R approach from Rocketship can benefit them as well.

So, it’s essentially a combination of public and private school funding from the government and local area. This way, you get use of your tax dollars in a way that benefits you the most. The fact that many students from lower-income areas have worse scores than those who have more wealthy families is often thought to be due to the fact that these poorer students simply have less support from their parents that have to work many jobs just to get by. This is exactly what R is targeting.

Rocketship Education is a charter school system that works in California. The R approach is to specifically help the disadvantaged. A huge number of their students in California are in this socioeconomic category. The R approach has also proven to be effective since the students are often a year ahead of other students of the same age, and they rank in the top tenth percentile in English and in math. That way, you don’t have to guess, you can tell it’s working.

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