Betsy DeVos’ Tremendous Support to the Education Sector

Betsy DeVos is a highly respected businesswoman who has made significant accomplishments in philanthropy. She has been striving to ensure that the disadvantaged people in the United States can access education. Betsy comes from a wealthy family, and her parents are known as Edgar and Elsa. She studied at the esteemed Holland Christian High School before being admitted to the Calvin College where she pursued her business administration degree. Betsy is the wife of the Dick DeVos who is also a wealthy businessman.

The tremendous support of Mrs. DeVos to the education sector was appreciated by President Donald Trump. He nominated her to serve his cabinet as the secretary of education. Her appointment was highly significant because she has been an active advocate for an improved system. Betsy has also been involved in several political activities for the past three decades. She was chosen by the people of Michigan to serve as a local delegate to the Republican Party. Her excellent work was noted while working at the party. In 1992, Betsy was chosen to sit on the Michigan National Committee where she served until 1997. She was also a three-term chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party. Read more about their foundation at

The philanthropy of the Betsy DeVos has been recognized by the public since she was nominated to serve as the education secretary. She has gained the support of her husband in bettering the United States’ education system. The couple has given millions of dollars to facilitate the undertakings of organizations that have been striving to offer a decent education to the disadvantaged people in the community. They established a renowned aviation institution that is known as West Michigan Aviation College. The college has been set up at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport.

Betsy DeVos started offering her support to the education sector after noticing that some of the Americans were struggling to afford tuition fees. Some of the bright students from disadvantaged backgrounds dropped out of school due to lack of funds. She has been spearheading several forums and programs that are devoted to offering Americans the type of education that they need. Betsy also conducts campaigns across the country to urge people to support her charity work. She believes that her philanthropy will revolutionize the education sector.

Betsy DeVos works in close collaboration with various promoters of public strategies in the education sector. Her family has so far donated millions of dollars to support her philanthropic undertakings. She believes that the current American education system is not fair to the disadvantaged since it does not address inequalities.

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