Boraie Development Makes Moves in Atlantic City

Wasseem Boraie, a vice president at Boraie Development, is thrilled over the company’s new development, 600 NoBe. The development represents a successful new apartment complex in Atlantic City. People living outside of “A.C.” might not realize how important the arrival of affordable housing units is. Atlantic City is too often viewed as strictly a vacation resort area. People come to the city to visit the casinos or the beach. Becoming a resident and living in Atlantic City full-time doesn’t enter many people’s minds. Perhaps the lack of available housing contributed to such perceptions. Boraie Development’s new 250-unit complex at 600 North Beach may change all those stoic perceptions. 600 NoBe represents the city’s first market-rate housing complex in roughly 50 years.

Such news alone likely drives interest in the property. Residents moving into the complex do say positive things about it. One new resident even said the complex was similar to a resort. The “modern-living” feel made the apartment seem like something you would find in New York City. One tremendous difference exists between 600 NoBe and similar accommodations in the Big Apple. 600 NoBe is far more affordable. The rent might come at affordable costs, but the price paid to build the units was high. $85 million went into creating the complex. The tremendous amount of money put into the project surely contributed to its modern feel. Boraie Development still has more to do in the Atlantic City area. The company inked an agreement with MGM Resorts International to build 200 luxury condos. Boraie Development is active here for sure. Learn More.