Boris Ivanov Discusses His Experience as an Entrepreneur in Africa

Boris Ivanov is an iconic Russian entrepreneur and a mining and exploration sector guru. He is the Founder and MD of GPB Global Resources B.V., an exploration and production firm that does business in the Middle East, South America, and Africa. Before becoming an entrepreneur, this mining and exploration sector guru worked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the former Soviet Union.

As an entrepreneur in the mining and exploration sector, Boris has focused most of his undertakings in Africa. He recently came out to discuss his experience as an entrepreneur on the continent, and this is what he had to say.

The Path to Transformation

The Africa that is now is different from what existed post-independence. Boris Ivanov mentioned that his experience as an entrepreneur in the continent has been nothing but fantastic. The continent is on a path to transformation, and governments in the region are very welcoming to entrepreneurs from outside. This is as they seek to further their development agenda by improving infrastructure and providing employment opportunities.

This GPB Global Resources boss mentioned that the continent is also full of professionals and experts who can provide the necessary support to entrepreneurs in the continent to succeed. He added that in his two decades in the continent, he had come across numerous professionals who had studied in Russia, most of whom could speak Russian fluently.

Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur Abroad

Boris Ivanov, who was born and raised in Moscow, went on to offer advice to other entrepreneurs about becoming a successful abroad. He urged entrepreneurs to get out of their comfort zone and seek opportunities beyond as they are likely to be very rewarding. He pointed out that setting up your business in Africa not only allows you to prosper but also help the communities around you even succeed.

This Russian entrepreneur added that while setting up a business abroad, it’s not only essential to respect the geopolitical and social environments that are in place but also cultures. Boris Ivanov urged entrepreneurs not to believe the alarmist depiction they see on the media about Africa but to take a journey to the continent and see for themselves how things are.