Buying Fortress Investment Group For 3 BIllion Dollars

Capital markets involve investments dealing with the stock markets around the world. Asset based funding deals with investments that are funded with various forms of capital. Operations management is the supervision and day to day management of any form of operation. Industry specific knowledge is having an education about various sectors. Company acquisitions and mergers consist of businesses formation, sales and joining. Fortress Investment Group does all five of these. They do all five of these well. All of this makes the company super successful and viewed as a jewel by others.

Who views this money manager and wealth builder as a jewel? Softbank. Softbank views this as a jewel because of the many advantages and assets can Fortress Investment Group has to offer. For one, Fortress has a long list of over one thousand clients who are dedicated and loyal to the brand. This is a good sign for Softbank. For two, Fortress is very wealthy. They do about a billion dollars in revenue a year. For three, Fortress is an impressive brand to have apart of the Softbank family.

Read the article about Fortress at The Wall Street Journal.

Softbank is located in Tokyo, Japan. This billion dollar organization is a holding company. The holding company owns many companies including Fortress Investment Group. Softbank and Fortress Investment Group make for a great team. Both bring decades of experience, contacts, and resources that both can benefit from. Fortress can help Softbank with its investment and economic needs since the company is a premier investment and economic strategist. Fortress will remain on its own and act as their own business with ties and access to Softbank.

Whether it is capital markers or mergers or knowledge bout certain industries or funding, Fortress Investment Group knows it all. They have assisted their clients with all of these needs. Because they have assisted these clients with all of these needs, the firm has become a very prosperous business in the investment advisory world. Right now they are responsible for around forty billion dollars of client investments, cash, stock and other assets. This number is only expected to grow. Much success is destined for them as they begin their new chapter with Softbank.

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