ClassDojo: Helping Children Relieve Anxiety

One disorder that is becoming more popular among the younger generations in current times is anxiety. With more anxiety-ridden children and teenagers in our schools, there is a possibility of fluctuating grades. One classroom app, ClassDojo has recently had a training that can combat the rise in anxiety in our schools.

The training, called Mindfulness recently took place and has had a positive impact in the schools who participated. The aim of Mindfulness is to reduce stress and anxiety through mindfulness meditation. This form of meditation focuses on staying in the present time, rather than worrying about the past or future. Schools were then given follow-up lessons to continue to assist these children in reducing their anxiety levels. The follow-up lessons that were given include Mindful Breathing, Focused Feet, Mindful Listening, Body Scan, and Mindful Countdown. By the end of the training, the children who took part reported that they felt more positive.

In today’s society, the younger generation faces more anxiety-related issue as compared with the older ones. ClassDojo hopes to change this by continuing to implement their training in as many schools they can.

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