Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub, who serves as the Israeli ambassador to the U.K., said that new alliances in the middle east are uniting old enemies. He said the situation is bringing adversaries together in opposition to “Tehran-sponsored Shia alliances” in the region.

Even though a deal was struck between Tehran officials and other world leaders, Mr. Taub warned that Iran’s nuclear plans still remain a source of concern for many groups in the middle east.

Taub added that, in spite of the Geneva accord so recently signed, Israel still believes Iran will continue to build a nuclear arsenal. Daniel added that his government doubts the threat of sanctions will do much to inhibit Iran’s development of weapons of mass destruction.

In response, Taub hinted that Israel will be looking at all of its options, as far as uniting with allies. Certainly, the country will still work with traditional allies, like the United States, but Israel feels it will take friends closer to home, as well. The country’s leaders are now open to working with Sunni countries, a situation they might never have otherwise considered. Now, Israeli leaders are open to talks with Saudi Arabia and neighboring Gulf states, all of which have expressed concerns of the issue of Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

Daniel Taub went on to say that Iran has formed an axis with Damascus, Beirut, and Gaza, which is cause to further unnerve leaders of other countries in the area. Even though the situation is cause for alarm, Taub sees something positive coming from the situation.

Forced to unite against this common threat, these middle eastern countries are finding that they do share some common traits and that their differences aren’t as destabilizing as they had once seemed. Taub is hopeful that, if the region can come together on this one issue, it might prove that peace in the region isn’t as impossible as it had once seemed. Read more: Daniel Taub | LinkedIn and Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

While that would certainly require deeper commitment and a long haul, Taub says the chance for change is good. He points out that the situation with Iran is forcing other countries to make choices they would never have considered, previously. Daniel Taub sees an opportunity in that, as do other representatives in the region.

It will mean developing stronger relationships and making sacrifices, but the desire is there. Already, leaders in countries of the middle east see the possibility of bringing prosperity and peace, once the threat of war has been resolved.

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