Dissecting Smita Shah’s Career

Smita Shah is a woman who has managed to succeed in an environment that is dominated by the male gender. She went ahead to enroll for an engineering course since she believed she had what it takes to succeed in her career goals and become an engineer. As a student, she rarely engaged in activities such as sports. She regularly went ahead to attend math competitions. Her prowess in subjects such as mathematics was outstanding. Later on, Smita Shah found her calling, which was electrical engineering. She was passionate about electrical engineering. Smita Shah also went ahead to pursue business-related courses in different academic institutions. Her career choices came in handy, especially when she decided to establish her firm. 


Smita Shah knew the challenges that she would face; nevertheless, she never gave up. She was always confident that she could achieve all her goals, ensuring that she is determined. Shah went ahead to establish her own company in 1998. Her company is known as SPAAN Tech. Recently, she was also interviewed by WGN radio. During the interview, she focused on what it takes to manage a business, keeping in mind that various challenges come about from time to time.


As the interview progressed, she was able to talk about SPAAN Tech and the technology-related changes that have taken place over the years. Starting and managing a company is not easy, and that is why Smita Shah was ready to partner with someone in case she was unable to establish and run a business entity on her own. Since she was good in math and science, her focus on technology was appropriate. When founding SPAAN Tech, her main focus was in ensuring that she has brought intelligent individuals together so that they may be able to solve complex engineering problems together. 


Throughout her entire career as an engineer, Smita Shah has noticed that few women are focusing on technical areas. She is trying to inspire young women to focus on their goals regardless of how tough their career path and goals may seem. Smita Shah went ahead to say that young people should also focus more on subjects such as math and science. Learn more: http://elpc.org/board/smita-shah/


Smita Shah is an Indian, and her focus on math and science was not astonishing at all. The community went ahead to assist her in every way possible. At the moment, she is trying to ensure that young women can pay more attention to math and science since they are the future leaders in some of the present industries. Some of the achievements that Smita Shah has had throughout her career include ensuring that she has expanded the boundaries in various fields, including math and science. Her passion for math and science has also been among the reasons why she has succeeded in her career.

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