Dr. Jacob Gottlieb’s Amazing Life Story.

Dr. Jacob Gottlieb has made a great name for himself. He has won awards and received recognition because of his success. Jacob’s career began with a degree of medicine from Magna Cum Laude. The graduation was followed by a necessary internship in internal medicine. Jacob did his internship at St. Vincent Hospital in New York City. When Jacob was going about his work in the medical field, he did not know that his path would change.

Not long after Jacob’s medical career had begun when he developed interest in finance. He was fascinated by the stock market and this interest grew into a passion. This desire was so great that he decide to quit his medical career. Jacob was sure he wanted a career in the finance sector.

Jacob established several companies of finance nature. He did not just want a career Jeremy wanted to be an entrepreneur. All these companies thrived and they are anticipating for a bright future. Among the companies he has established is Balyasny Asset Management, Jacob also worked at Merlin Financial and Sanford Bernstein.

Jacob was born in Brooklyn and grew up here with other siblings. Originally, Jacob and his family have Poland descent. It was unsafe to live there back in the 1960s. Therefore, Jacob’s parents decide to seek safe haven for their children. Jacob’s father set a good example to his children because today, he is the professor of economics. Jacob’s mother is also pediatrician in New York.


Looking at the careers of Jacob’s parents’ it is possible Jacob was attracted to both. He wanted to become a doctor but also interested in business and finance. He went to a school of medicine while apprenticeship taught him finance. It was brilliant for him to try these two fields and confirm his real passion.

Jacob is not just a person interested in business. He is insightful and thoughtful and it explains Jeremy’s desire to participate in charity. For example, Jeremy is involved in a shelter that houses homeless people. He is working with other organizations such as Math for America and Robin Hood. This is not the end because Jacob will continue giving back to the community as much as possible.

Since childhood, Jacob has always been a brilliant boy. Instead of sparing baseball cards for the games, he sold them. Jacob was also a bright child in class by how he performed well. On time Jacob won a contest in school and his parents were happy. Entrepreneurial skills did not begin when Gottlieb went to college. They were there even when he was young. Jacob is now grateful for the opportunities he got as a child. They have taken a special role in making him who he is today.

Jacob is an indication that parents play a role in influencing the children. Even when they are at liberty to choose from any area, they will consider their parents. Jacob finally understood his passion. In the same way, parents should guide children to discover their real interests and passion. They should not sway children how they want them to be.