Employee Experiences with Cotemar

Employees who work for Cotemar know that the company is dedicated to providing services that people need for the oil industry in Mexico. The company does what they can to treat their employees properly because they know that the employees are essential to the function of the business. They also know that it is necessary to have employees that are happy, healthy and comfortable with their own opportunities. They work to make sure that their employees are able to get everything that they need out of the process of working. Not only are employees paid well by Cotemar but they are also able to get the best experience possible while working.


An employee who is paid well will always be happier than those who are not. Cotemar knows this and they choose to pay their employees slightly above average so that they will be as happy as possible. This helps to reduce the turnover rate of the company and also helps to keep employees for a longer time. The retention rates for Cotemar are exceptional and the employees know that Cotemar wants to take care of them in every way possible.


It can be hard to stay healthy after being on a ship in the middle of the ocean for months. The employees who often stay on the barges with Cotemar may have problems with their health but Cotemar is always working to help them stay as healthy as possible. By providing exercise opportunities and fresh food that is prepared by a professional team of chefs, Cotemar is doing what they can to battle the sickness that is so common on oil rigs and ships that are drilling offshore in different areas of the ocean.


While many people may think that it would be uncomfortable to live on a ship for months at a time, the employees of Cotemar are able to be comfortable thanks to the cabins that they have. Cotemar provides cabins that are relatively spacious. They also have a team of housekeepers that provides people with clean cabins. Employees don’t even have to worry about taking care of their own cabin or doing their own laundry because it is something that is done easily by all of the housekeepers.

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