EOS Lip Balm Review – Natural Healthy Lips

A blog post from Earth to Jessica gives a complete review of EOS lip balm products that are said to use all natural ingredients and be good for your lips. Their lip balms are meant to heal chapped lips and help prevent that from happening by healing the skin while providing protection. The author goes throughout the blog post to state that she loves their products for their appearance as a small sphere and for their low pricing. She praised the lip balms for being natural and for having a good smell to them and lasting for up to 4 hours. The writer believes that the items truly promote healthy lips as she states that they are 95% organic and 100% natural. There are no harmful ingredients or chemicals found in any of the lip balms as some of the main ingredients are shea butter and jojoba oil packed with vitamin E. The writer recommends people to buy some of their lip balms to try for themselves as they are 100% natural with a load of benefits to them.