Few Lessons from Maarten De Jeu on Global Business Expansion

The renowned strategic business advisor, Maarten De Jeu is the owner of the SVM Business
Advisory which he launched in 2012. The multilingual became top in his MBA class at the University
of Oxford. Maarten has made a name for himself in the world of international business, commercial
real estate investment, and financial services.
Marten De Jeu offers a unique combination of industry knowledge, extensive international
experience, technical skills, as well as a thorough understanding of global cultural and institutional
settings. He enjoys a global business network in Europe, Asia, and North America. De Jeu is a
seasoned advisor to senior executives for Fortune organizations, technology startups, and ultra-
high net worth individuals. He has gained wide recognition due to his ability to steer projects
through the decision-making process and in the construction of effective multi-cultural and multi-
disciplinary teams.
As an authority in the complex international marketplace, Maarten De Jeu has a lot of tips to offer.
Are you considering a global expansion? Here are eight factors you must consider, according to De

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1. Commitment to quality
Business owners need to understand that their knowledge of the American market may fail to apply
on the international stage. He advocates for product standardization for the sake of guaranteeing
high-quality consistency overseas. Have a manufacturing process that delivers the same high-
quality at all times.
2. Respect differences
The much-desired acceptance comes quickly when you invest time to learn the local language –
besides showing respect for cultural differences. To keep breach of etiquette at bay, be sensitive to
the appropriateness of products. The local representatives will come in handy in this matter.
3. Long term commitments
Show commitment to a long term relationship with potential clients. It is one of the things they
consider when deciding whether to support a new business. One of the ways to show your
commitment is to hire local employees as opposed to sourcing from your country.
4. Product suitability
The demand for a product does not always justify entry into the market. At times, its absence may
mean a lack of profitability. Maarten De Jeu, therefore, cautions entrepreneurs to consider product
suitability. Also, consider the level of competition present in the market.
5. Business plan
De Jeu argues that you cannot succeed in the global business arena without a business plan. The
intricacies of global expansion make organizational, and business plans a vital document, and
business will hardly make any progress in its absence.
6. Recognition for import rules and regulations
If learning the import rules and regulations appears too demanding to handle, employ the services
of local counsel. They will help you ensure compliance in your production and expansion process.
7. Funding for expansion
Business owners must understand that global expansion takes time and requires a considerable
amount of money. If you don’t have enough capital, reach out to investors or shareholders.
Besides time, dedication, and awareness of the local market, you also need sufficient money to
realize the full potential in a new country.
8. Stay flexible
Remain open to changes. Your business plan, strategy, or product design may have to change
based on what is happening. Accept drastic changes as these are some of the things that help

businesses to grow. The acceptance to current market trends and local culture can help you strike
a balance between your company goals and ways of realizing them.

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