From Lieutenant Colonel to CEO: James Reese Leads Through Service

James Reese, CEO of TigerSwan, is fairly new to the business world. His time spent as a decorated Lt. Colonel in the famous ‘Delta Force’ prepared him well for his relatively new leadership role in TigerSwan. As he neared the end of his time in the military and prepared to retire, he and a friend decided to start a small business that would allow him to take advantage of his leadership skills and more easily transition to civilian life. Reese also wanted to give the same opportunity he was about to create to other veterans by hiring them as employees. Because of his partially disabled status, he was able to form an SDVOSB small business working with a defense company, and TigerSwan was born.

Image result for james reese tigerswanJames Reese quickly found that one of the major benefits of the military did not apply to a small business like TigerSwan: Unlimited budget to hire the most experienced and qualified employees didn’t exist. He decided instead to recruit and then effectively train his employees to help them grow into the roles that the company needed for success. One example of Reese’s success in this venture is a young college graduate who was hired right out of college and quickly progressed to become the Vice President.

Because of the military experience of James Reese, and his understanding of what it takes to be successful in military and law enforcement, he has decided to put an emphasis on hiring military and law enforcement veterans to work at TigerSwan. This has helped him find employees who are hard-working and possess important leadership skills despite their lack of business experience. To round out his workforce, James Reese also hires civilians to work side-by-side with these veterans. This has helped him establish an environment where people from different backgrounds can each contribute to problem-solving. James Reese and TigerSwan now have over 300 employees, and he takes great care to ensure his business is successful because he knows how directly it affects his employees and their families.

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