Glenn Schlossberg Shares His Thoughts On Racing & Success

Glenn Schlossberg is well known in the fashion and racing community. Glenn built a fashion and design company which has experienced tremendous success in recent years. His design company, Jump Design Group, was founded in 1990. Before experiencing the level of success he experiences today, he worked painstakingly in his father’s factory. It was at this moment in his life that he uncovered the correct methods of producing high quality clothing. The roots of Glenn’s success lay in his straightforward approach to the fashion and design industry, much of his practicality comes from his experience in the motor car industry.

Before he could even drive, Glenn Schlossberg had a passion for cars, especially fast ones. According to Glenn, when it boils down to the things he cares about the most, at the top of the list, along with family and friends, would be racing. “It’s racing” Reported Glenn, “that gives me the most pleasure.” Schlossberg often credits his creativity and innovative thinking as, in part, do to his love of motor cars.

According to, his travels throughout Europe and China have had an enormous impact on his appreciation for the level of performance exhibited by quality vehicles manufactured within these countries. Over the past 7 years, Glenn’s travels, particularly throughout Europe, have given him an insight into the subtle differences between European and American made cars. As much as Glenn loves American made cars, he has a fascination with high performance European race cars. According to Glenn, Europeans tend to have a better handle on the performance and design of their race cars, something we in America have not been able to imitate.

Glenn Schlossberg is From New York. He attributes much of his entrepreneurial success to the melting pot of industries which coexist and intermingle together throughout the state. Schlossberg Continues to operate his fashion design company and expand his brand to major retailers throughout the world. To know more about Schlossberg visit