Graeme Holm Not Only Founded Infinity Group Australia But Is Also A Veteran Of Finance Who Wants To Help Australians Pay Off Their Loans.

Graeme Holm is someone who cares about the  them sucAustralian people and wants to seeceed. In 2013, Graeme Holm and his business partner, Rebecca Walker created Infinity Group Australia. Graeme’s company has been noted as one of the fastest growing companies whose business involves debt reduction in the Australian nation.


The real impetus for Graeme Holm to hatch Infinity Group Australia with Rebecca Walker was his findings concerning the terrible status of Australia’s financial and banking as it pertained to his fellow Australians.


Holm’s disgust with this lending and loan situation for the Australian people ended up being a favorable opportunity for Infinity Group. Indeed, Graeme Holm’s was able to work with many Australians to resolve their loan repayment issues. As an entrepreneur and a veteran worker in the banking milieu, Holm felt obligated to assist Australians and also set up coaches for those who desperately needed to pay back their long-term and short-term loans.


Infinity Group is a company that assists Australians with debt reduction and improve their financial situation, so they can have better financial futures. Infinity Group has also received kudos for being one of the most innovative firms in 2018. The Australian Financial Review gave this designation.


Moreover, Infinity Group made a list for the 100 Most Innovative Companies. This list was published in the Australian Financial Review. The AFR reaches nearly 2 million readers, so its reach is immense. And for Infinity Group to make a list is a true testament to how much of an impact the company has made in a short window of time to help its clients with their repayment of loans.


Indeed, Inventium, which is a leading consultancy company, was the judge. Inventium also compiled a list and an expert panel for the Australian Financial Review. Ratings for these submissions were given to those companies who made impressive efforts to solve critical issues. The panel also judged companies based on the quality of their solutions and the impact that these problems had on the nation of Australia and the people.


The panel also looked at how the solutions affected the culture as well as the submission’s strategy and any resources that were part of it. Ranked 58 out of a list of 100, Infinity Group Australia was picked from a lot of 1,000 or more firms located in New Zealand and Australia based on the assessment made by Inventium. Infinity Group Australia was ranked 58 of 100 on the AFR list.


Graeme’s educational background included attending the Institute of Business in Australia. Business Administration was Holm’s focus while he was in college. Graeme also completed Illawarra Christian before attending college. Holm is a member of REIQ and the FBAA. Lern more: