Gulf Coast Western, a Family-Owned Business

The Managing Venture of Oil and Gas General Partnerships is Gulf Coast Western, LLC. They are also called Joint Ventures. Their main goal is to develop acquire and explore any gas and oil reserves that are mainly located in the American Gulf Coast area. Gulf Coast Western focuses specifically on well-developed structures. They also seek out any properties that have both geophysical advantages and geological advantages.

Matt Fleeger, who is both the CEO and President, wants Gulf Coast Western to find areas that have both quantified downside risk and potential in substantial returns for its partners. Their website states that their many successes over the years are due to their open relationships with their accredited partners. These relationships were earned with integrity and honesty and built on respect and trust on both sides.

Gulf Coast Western is a family-owned business. It was founded in 1970 and has its main base in Dallas. They also have venues in Louisiana, Mississippi, Colorado, Oklahoma and other parts of Texas.

Gulf Coast WesternGulf Coast Western has two partnerships in Southwestern Louisiana. One of their partners is Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration who is based in Lafayette, Louisiana. The other partnership is Northcote Energy Ltd. which is based in Dallas.

Most of the lease acquisition and exploration activities are in the areas of the Gulf Coast that are rich in gas and oil. It is also necessary for these regions to be able to have thousands of acres developed. These developments should be accessible in the near future. However, Gulf Coast Western is also looking to expand to other parts of the United States.

Gulf Coast Western boasts many more than a thousand nationwide collaborations that are accredited and are participating in many of their sponsored Joint Ventures. They maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

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