Gustavo Martinez Consultant

Gustavo Martinez is an advertising and marketing consultant who has been in the industry for the last 35 years. During his 35 years in the industry, Gustavo Martinez led important firms in the business, and was in charge of iconic ads that are well-known in pop culture. He was CEO of J. Walter Thompson worldwide, which is known as one of the largest and most legendary firms as well as serving as president of Olgilvy and Mather and McCain Worldgroup, which are two top names in the marketing industry. Gustavo Martinez was also employed under Price Waterhouse and Henkel.


Martinez worked for contacting consulting agencies as a consultant before becoming President and CEO of many top established firms. An independent contractor that provides strategic and operational high-end services is the definition of consulting. Consulting is a major factor of the advertising industry, and it’s proven to deliver top results for over a hundred years in the marketing industry. Creativity is the most important asset to any marketing firm or agency and has no set process. While running an ad agency there are hard business elements to tackle. Martinez specializes in this particular field which he was an executive. Creativity is the driving force of this industry and attracts many unique and fascinating characters. All firms that Martinez has been involved with search for the best talent in the world, especially taking aim at the new creative talent and geniuses that are fresh from college. These new recruits work well as independent contractors. Which is a consultancy model that works well in the marketing industry.


Martinez is currently working on an exciting project called UV Business Acceleration. 90% of most start-ups fail within the first 3 years. The goal of the project is to help companies like start-ups, marketers, and established brands with technology design, functionality, insight, and user experience, with hopes to change the success rate of startups. This in turn, will help the companies by preventing them from making mistakes from trial and error which start-up companies can no longer afford in the current market. Martinez was recently contacted by a company named Massive Data Heights which specializes in analyzing consumer reviews and turning them into business insights and actionable marketing which helps consulting offering.


Gustavo Martinez is a workaholic. His typical day includes waking at 7 a.m. for breakfast, going through business news in email, and heading to his business office to work from 9 a.m. til around 9 p.m. Martinez considers diversity as a major factor for problem solving and success and brings about the most creative ideas and solutions. He views the internet trend as exciting and views advertising as a professional sport. These views have helped Gustavo Martinez’s business reach the top.


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