Gustavo Martinez Teaching How To Sell Anything

What if you could learn from someone who spent decades acquiring knowledge about marketing? Imagine the skills you could acquire! Even better than having 35 years of experience, Gustavo Martinez is the man that knows how to overdeliver results.

For the last years his skills and decisions positioned him as the CEO of J. Walter Thompson Worldwide and the president of several marketing and advertising firms.

One of the common habits of a successful entrepreneur is analyzing your past performance to identify what you did well and where made mistakes so you can improve the next time.

That is exactly what Gustavo Martinez did in a recent interview regarding to his industry. We will take a look and how did he make all his way to the top.

He told us how you do not usually start building brands and companies overnight. At first he started the consultancy model in marketing which may be the equivalent of working with an independence contract for other advertising companies. That’s the quickest way to get good insights from them, learning more and earning enough money to build your own business.

Now, what make him successful were not only the experience he got but also the values he believes in. Let’s take creativity for example. For Gustavo, marketing requires creativity and focus. That is how you successfully identify customer’s needs, innovate in your valuable product and, more importantly, differentiate from competition.

Sure, we could ask where did all his innovative ideas come from. He said it makes him feel two powerful emotions: excitement (because of the limitless opportunities of the internet-of-things) and contribution (helping people have better lives).

Certainly when you realize several people are living amazing lives because of your work it ensures you endless motivation, creativity and wanting to Do more. And that’s all it takes to build a successful marketing career. Read more: Gustavo Martinez | Ideamench and Gustavo Martinez | Crunchbase

Because of his passion he does not care being working from 7am to 9pm every day. He believes his marketing strategies will help other marketers and business owners save huge amounts of time.

Some habits Gustavo shared with us were related to the art of understanding people. Generosity, listening carefully and being open-minded are the three most determinant factors of his communication skills.

Overall, he overdelivers value to his clients. Why? Because the more you give the more you get back. Besides, we all know it would not make any sense promoting effectively mediocre product that nobody believes in. This is why he is willing to pay A LOT to get the best proffesionals and keep them inspired.

I we only had more people with this attitude in business we wont only make way more profit but also the world would be very different.

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