How Maarten De Jeu has redefined Professionalism in the Global Business Space

For the last two decades, Maarten de Jeu has been the new face of business strategies, especially in three main continents. Under his leadership as a business strategist, Jeu has worked with companies in Asia, Europe, and more importantly, in the USA. During this period, the business professional has redefined professionalism and the importance of strategizing in this age of business. Jeu is a believer that the business world — through proper strategies — has a huge potential in creating more profits and eliminating unemployment problem. The following are some of Maarten de Jeu’s success in this niche.


First, under his leadership, Jeu has assisted tens of companies in regaining market influence after a period of loss-making. Maarten de Jeu believes that unprofitable ventures are not necessarily an indication of unfavorable business environment but also how a company views changes and trends. He has therefore assisted mid-sized companies as well as start-ups in understanding their respective markets. Although he is more popular due to his work with bigger companies, Jeu has a special interest in start-ups — as he believes in their potential. When laying strategy with a client, Maarten de Jeu is keen on understanding what a company wants to achieve and more importantly, the company’s long term goals.


He is also a product of different educational backgrounds, which, according to him, have reshaped how he views a couple of things in the world of business. Maarten de Jeu, for example, points out that through his educational background, he appreciates the value of a collective approach to projects. Both the United Kingdom and the Netherlands’ education systems have enabled Jeu to have a different approach to corporate partnerships. Currently, various managerial journals have used his model of management as an indication that a collective approach to management is a game-changer in the world of management. He, however, points out that the quality of partners matters.


The University of Oxford graduate is one of the most experienced professionals in integrating public administration into the world of business. Maarten de Jeu believes that the two disciplines have a lot in common. He is also fortunate to be among the most respected financial pundits in the world of finance, thanks to his approach to policies. Therefore, he has worked with global entities such as TVDK Management Consultants on many projects. In his eight years’ period at the company, Maarten de Jeu was instrumental in different high-level consultation jobs. In this tenure, he was also instrumental in helping different companies in adopting better policies. Learn more:


Lastly, when he is not assisting companies in planning and strategizing better, Jeu is involved in other activities. For example, he considers his family important, and each minute he spends with his loved ones is precious to him. He is also a mentor to thousands of students, especially from the University of Chicago.

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