How Marathon Pharmaceuticals is ahead of the pack in the marathon of healthcare

Marathon Pharmaceuticals is a company that is dedicating to making a difference in healthcare and the way that patients with rare diseases are treated. Based out of Northbrook, Illinois this company focuses on small volume medications that are hard to manufacture and makes them more accessible to those who need them. Marathon Pharmaceuticals also has locations in Chicago and New Jersey. The Marathon Bioscience Center will be located in Chicago’s River North district and be responsible for developing new therapies for a multitude of illnesses including cancer, endocrine deficiencies, gastrointestinal diseases, and much more. Marathon’s Bioscience Center will be crucial to the company and fulfilling their mission.


Along with the development of new therapies to help treat rare diseases, Marathon Pharmaceuticals also help to make medications that are both crucial to those who need them but also hard to find, more readily available to those patients. One of these is a barbiturate derivative, Amytal Sodium, which can be used as a short term treatment for insomnia. With the ever growing stress in today’s society, many Americans may suffer from acid reflux, heartburn, and in more extreme cases stomach ulcers. In these cases over the counter antacids may not be enough to help alleviate the pain. Marathon has also developed a prescription strength PEPCID that can provide a quicker relief to heartburn and also be used as a short term treatment for ulcers.


One of the biggest launches that Marathon Pharmaceuticals is known for is a powder intradermal injection system called ZiNGO. Designed for children, age ranging three to eighteen, this needle free device administers a local anesthetic to help with venous access pain. This can help decrease anxiety in those that have the hardest time dealing with needles, most often younger children. This single use device administers 0.5mg of lidocaine to numb the application site and the side effects last about ten minutes. This simple yet profoundly effective device has helped to put the minds of both young children and their parents at ease, truly making a difference in the world of healthcare pharmaceuticals.