How Tim Ioannides brings ideas to life

In an industry that is continuously growing, Dr. Tim Ioannides has to find a way of making things better. It is always about building on the current systems to make sure that there will be better practices tomorrow. In Dermatology, you can never be sure of the problem that the next patient will present to you, and therefore, it is a continuous learning process even when you are already an expert. The ideas of professionals in this industry are the ones that form the basis for research. Therefore, it is good to find out how Tim brings ideas to life.

Seeing every patient as an individual

Dr. Tim Ioannides says that one of the ways through which his ideas come alive is the way he sees his patients. While other dermatologists take a general approach, he believes that every patient is unique. He says that when a patient visits his offices, he sees them personally and examines their conditions. By doing this, he is above to identify the things that are unique to their situation and therefore, he is likely to find the right treatment option. He says that when you see patients as a group, you miss a lot of things as their problems are hardly the same.

In addition to that, Tim Ioannides takes time to listen to the desires of his patients. He talks to them about their conditions and tells them about the possible treatment options. While doing that, he also lets them ask questions which he answerers meticulously. Because of that, he establishes a conversation that goes on even long after the patient has been healed. It is through these conversations that most of his ideas come alive. The doctor also says that even though he has been certified and many dermatologists look up to him, he still reads a lot to find ways of coming up with new ideas.

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