Isabel dos Santos Difficult Path to Success

Several years ago, it was difficult to find a woman working in an office. In Africa, the matter was worse. Girls in this region remained at home while boys were lucky to go to school. Isabel dos Santos, a forty-five-year-old business executive from Africa, is among the few African women who have done well despite these hardships. Unlike many girls in Angola, Isabel dos Santos attended prestigious learning centers in London. 

After completing her secondary education, she studies the course she had always loved electrical engineering. Today, she is popular because she is the wealthiest woman in Africa. The executive serves as the CEO of various successful companies in and outside Angola. Also, she is a board member in top global companies where she gives her insights concerning business operations. Her role in fighting for women rights has made her very prominent in the international arena (Isabeldossantos). 

Finding success was never easy for Isabel dos Santos. 

Not long ago, the globally recognized executive attended an interview where she explained her journey to success. When she started her career, things were tough because there were very few women in the business world. Many would ridicule all her accomplishments just because she was a woman. Isabel has faced sexism, stigma and discrimination. These hard times, however, encouraged her to reach her current position. When she started philanthropic pursuits to make way for future generations, she faced more prejudice from society. Discrimination, according to Isabel dos Santos, should never stop women from reaching their goals in life. 

Opportunities for women in the corporate world

When a woman manages to take any roles in business, they face unfair treatment because of the culture in this region. Isabel dos Santos believes that both men and women can only change this perception when they work together. She is focused on empowering women concerning education and entrepreneurship. When the husband encourages their wives to start businesses and assist them to thrive, then the continent will grow financially. Giving young girls learning opportunities is also one of the ways to ensure that Africa does not depend on aid from different quarters. Parents are encouraged to give their children equal opportunities in life, regardless of their gender. 

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