Isabel dos Santos Insight on Technology significance in Africa

Isabel dos Santos is from Angola and the family of Jose dos Santos the former president of Angola; she relocated in England to pursue her studies, and upon graduation, with BS in Engineering Isabel dos Santos moved back to Africa. She is among the wealthiest people in Africa, but her role is unique since not many wealthy people invest in their homes. She is proud to be an African Woman hence has taken the mandate to help other Africans especially the women. Isabel dos Santos is the founder of various entrepreneurial businesses creating job opportunities for many people across Africa.

Through Unitel, the largest mobile company in Africa Isabel dos Santos has created jobs for more than 1,ooo people and also has digitalized Africa. In the modern society there is a need to speak out for Africa to promote development; hence during international Meetings, Isabel dos Santos relentlessly speaks for Africans so that investors can consider investing in Africa advancing growth and development. The primary focus of Isabel dos Santos includes creating a high standard of life for Africans by giving women empowerment and motivating the young generation.

Previously, Africans did not value education, but Isabel dos Santos has been in the front line creating awareness on the significance of taking children to school and promoting upcoming investors. She encourages African parents to educate their children and also improve their dreams. Isabel takes time to visit various institutions helping the young generation realize their dreams and motivating them to work hard to be independent and self-employed.

Isabel dos Santos has worked in various sectors including communication, infrastructure development, engineering among others hence believes in several areas investments. She has financed many projects in Africa aiming at promoting economic growth as well as promoting the use of modern technology. During her talks, Isabel dos Santos explains her insight on the importance of digitalization in Africa stating the improvement in Agriculture and banking services. She has also contributed to the introduction and expansion of 4G network in Africa giving people the opportunity to share ideas with investors to promote Africa. Isabel dos Santos is a role model for many people.

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