Isabel Dos Santos Sees A Bright Future For The People Of Angola

Isabel dos Santos may be known for being the richest woman in all of Africa, but she is also a strong champion for the equal rights of women. This is especially true when it comes to the business world as an entrepreneur from the country of Angola in Africa. Her father, a former President of Angola, raised her to realize that she was capable of doing whatever she wanted in life and that her gender would not be a deterrent for her success as long as she showed enough determination. When she entered the business world, Isabel dos Santos was shocked to realize that there were people who judged her based on the fact that she is a woman despite all of the success that she has managed to achieve.

Currently, Isabel dos Santos leads the company Unitel as their Chairwoman. Unitel is the largest company in Angola in the telecommunications industry and she has had a great amount of experience in creating infrastructure and helping in the area of economic development. Technology is changing the world and Isabel dos Santos believes that it is opening up many opportunities for people in Africa and women in particular. Because of her actions, upwards of 50,000 jobs were created in Angola and the surrounding areas. While the entrepreneur has invested a considerable amount of money into developing the career opportunities of Africa, she has also put in much of her personal time as well.

Isabel dos Santos understands that the change that needs to take place in Africa and beyond is not something that will be completed overnight, but the time and work that are required will be worth it once the change is able to be seen. And the seed must be planted in african students who will take care of business tomorrow. Through CNN networks and social media features she is an active mentor for young entrepreneurs, at Angola and many other education institutions around the globe. 

Africa may be known for its plethora of natural resources, but she sees the value and potential that the people on the continent have if they are given the resources that they need to succeed. She thinks that the world agrees that they don’t want anyone left behind in the future and through preparation and work, the world can be a more inclusive place. 

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