Isabel dos Santos: The Age of 5G Networks

Isabel dos Santos has always strived for the best economical advancements in Africa. She has petitioned the government and officials to make a larger investment in the Energy sector in Africa so that it can support the 5G network for the citizens of the country. The advancements in the Telecommunications sector prove well that once the investment is made in the particular sector then the country can use it as a way to develop more for the people. Due to the fact that there are 1.2 billion people in Africa and it is expected to be at least 2 billion more people located in Africa than in China. This statistic places a lot into perspective when it comes to the number of people that are flocking to the continent. Isabel dos Santos has explained that Angola has implemented over 14 thousand km of fiber optic cables throughout the country and this is a path to get the entire continent 5G capable.

Isabel dos Santos explains on many platforms that the government and the companies must work together to better the country. Once Africa becomes able to sustain the 5G platform, Santos explains that Africa will be at the top of the e-commerce platform in the business. She explains how once the investments are gathered and applied the cost sectors of the synopsis can be reduced. All of the big companies that are in Africa that are in the making to become billion-dollar empires are able to utilize the digital economy and the e=commerce portions of the 5G realm. AfricaCom is the most prominent company in the technology realm of the Africa 5G networks. AfricaTech is a convention that takes place this year in 2019 and will allow leaders to come together to discuss the next steps on the 5G implementation in Africa.

This summit will discuss diving into the Artificial Intelligence area of science. Many of the top companies in Africa can assist the government in fostering this development. Another top company that is spearheading this movement is Blockchain. Blockchain is a leader in the Crypto Currency business. Isabel dos Santos is the daughter of the former President of Angola. She has a long history of establishing businesses with banks and other telecommunication firms. She is also a stakeholder in multiple Portuguese companies that are on the rise. She is a very ambitious person that loves the country of Angola but understands the need for a 5G level network to be implemented in Africa to advance education and businesses. Her goal is to make Africa the capital for e-commerce businesses, and from the looks of it all, she is on the right path.

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Hoje na AfricaCom, na Cidade do Cabo – África do Sul, partilho a minha visão para o futuro de África: tecnologia é chave e vai criar oportunidades para o desenvolvimento de Angola e do nosso continente. Oportunidades de emprego, de negócio, de desenvolvimento… um número ilimitado de oportunidades. A tecnologia tem um efeito multiplicador e nós Unitel fazemos parte desta mudança transformadora #SharingbyIsabeldosSantos #Unitel #Angola #Africa #AfricaCom #AfricaTech #desenvolvimento Today at AfricaCom, in Cape Town – South Africa, I’m sharing my vision on the future of Africa: Technology is key and will create opportunities for the development of Angola and our continent. Job opportunities, business, development… limited opportunities. Technology has a multiplier effect and we Unitel are part of this transformative change @unitelangola

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