James Dondero Believes That the Community Should Move Forward Together

For most successful people, moving to posh areas and driving limited edition vehicles is the in thing. For others, they hold the community dear to their hearts. James Dondero has the Dallas, Texas community close to his heart. He has shown countless times that there should be no Texan left behind. Read more at Wikipedia about James Dondero.

It sounds idealistic, but James Dondero has a plan on how to go about it. He does not engage in empty rhetoric. He believes that the only way to go forward is to break the scourge of adversity one step at a time. Indeed, there are many needy causes in Dallas. One person cannot deal with every emergent issue. James is a firm believer in trying.

He started by giving out money to needy causes. Today, he has set up an annual charity fund run by the Dallas Foundation. This umbrella body gives opportunities to other organizations to get much-needed funding. If a charitable organization is struggling with a financial problem, it can ask for help from the foundation. Learn more about James Dondero at High Yield Credit.

The problem is that there are more and more organizations that need help. Highland Capital Management donates $3 million every year. That money is available for philanthropic activities. In the last several years, the fund has done many good things.

After donating $1 million to a Dallas zoo, other people came in and rescued the hippo zoo. The zoo can now undertake its operations successfully. Other organizations are also benefiting from this fund. Unfortunately, there is not enough to go around, but James Dondero believes that the current efforts have a lasting impression on the people.

Had it been a decade ago, the zoo would have closed down; Family Place would be non-existent, and a host of other thriving organizations. Thanks to visionary philanthropy of James Dondero, these organizations continue to play a crucial role in society.

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