Jason Colodne Makes His Way To Hollywood From Wall Street

After starting his career as an investment specialist on Wall Street, Jason Colodne has been a mainstay of the financial sector for more than two decades. Knowing that he wanted to be a financial specialist, Colodne has never limited his interests to the financial world and has been a popular figure in New York’s philanthropic environment. In 2012, the work of Jason Colodne took a turn when he found himself joining the ranks of Hollywood’s film producers for the development of “Acto of Valor.” Eventually, Colodne would act as executive producer for five Hollywood movies with varying degrees of success.

Before entering the crazy world of Hollywood, Jason Colodne had taken what many would describe as a classic route through the financial sector. The studies completed by the former Horace Mann High School student were designed to lead him towards a career in the financial sector. Although his time at the University of Pennsylvania was spent studying finance, a double major with history showed there is a little more to the career of Jason Colodne than just his interest in economics. Join Linkedin to see Jason Colodne’s profile.

by 2012, Hason Colodne was already a success on Wall Street after entering the financial sector and becoming a success at Bear Stearns, UBS, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley. In 2009, the economic meltdown of 2008 inspired Jason Colodne to establish his own investment company, Colbeck Capital Management. For Colodne, the desire to build a better way of providing funding for entrepreneurs led to the development of the group as a hybrid and distressed lending body.

With his own company less than three years old, Jason Colodne did not decide to rest on his laurels and set out to find his feet in Hollywood as a leading member of the film industry. For Colodne, entering the movie industry had always been a dream of the man who had been an important part of guiding Morgan Stanley through the 2008 economic crisis. The first movie to see some involvement from Jason Colodne was “Act of Valor.” The movie focuses on the missions of a group of Navy SEALs battling to overcome a terrorist group and save a kidnapped CIA operative. The movie proved a box office success and was born from a commercial made for the U.S. Navy by the makers of the movie. The costs of creating the critically-acclaimed action sequences were cut after the Navy decided to offer its services because of the close relationship shared with the filmmakers.

“Act of Valor” saw an entry in the 2012 Academy Awards in the category of the best song that would be repeated with 2014s “Beyond the Lights.” Jason Colodne formed a business model for success in the film industry that included the use of a low to the mid-sized budget that could be expanded upon a little with the finished film focused on streaming services and DVD release. The movies backed by Jason Colodne have largely proven a box office success with “Earth to Echo” and “Beyond the Lights” proving a critical and box office success for the financial expert.

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