Jason Hope Talks About New Innovations, Anti-Aging Research, And IoT

In recent years, many new technological and scientific breakthroughs have occurred that have made it easier to believe that nothing is impossible. Nobody could believe that human technology would reach Mars, but it did.

Jason Hope is one of the technologists and futurists that have a firm belief on the fact that the aging process can be reversed. Thus, he has been contributing a huge sum of money to the foundations that are researching this subject. SENS Research Foundation is a non-profit research center that has been carrying out research on this subject. The results it has been getting are more than positive, and in the time to come, it is expected by the scientists that many radical positive results can be achieved.

Jason Hope is also a reputed technologist and a serial tech entrepreneur himself. He has made a fortune by investing in many tech companies and leading some of the successful tech companies he started. Jason Hope has been giving his opinions on different new technologies that are coming up, one of which is the internet of things technology. Jason Hope that even though it is in the infant stage currently, the internet of things technology would grow to be as massive as the mobile technology is currently. It would replace much existing technology and make the smart technology in use worldwide, completely obsolete. Jason Hope even discusses in the interviews he recently gave on how the Internet of Things would impact the life in general as well as the corporate culture.

Another innovation that Jason Hope is hopeful about the Internet of Things. It has a worldwide application and can offer benefit to the world economy in many different ways. While IoT was just in theory, today it has become a reality, and it is already in use in different industries mainly the airline industry. With the application of IoT, the airline industry around the world has become seamless and is more efficient than ever before. It has helped connect all the different areas of the airline industry and decrease any risk of errors that can be quite fatal.

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