JD.com Improves Database Scalability Through Vitess

Jingdong is the biggest retailer in China and they have 100s of millions of customers who are actively using their e-commerce platform. As JD.com continued to grow, the leadership of the company realized that something had to be done to make their databases more scalable. As it stood, the MySQL databases that they were using were declining in performance which cost them more money in the long run. The Retail Chief Architect of JD Retail, Haifeng Liu, said that they needed to create a solution that would allow them to scale their databases quickly and easily while reducing other related costs. In order to obtain this goal, Jingdong chose Vitess to manage its large databases in a scaleable way. In addition, Vitess also supported the expansion of transaction data.

By using Vitess, JD.com has been able to improve its database clusters when it comes to elasticity and scalability. There has also been a reduction in resource and labor costs because of increased automation, efficiency, and resource utilization. Along with being the largest retailer in its country, they are also the owners of the largest logistics infrastructure related to an e-commerce business.

The advanced logistics system that is used by Jingdong is able to deliver orders to 99% of the people who live in China. In 90& of the cases, they are able to get the order to its recipient by the next day and in many cases, it is delivered on the same day as when they placed the order.

JD.com is one of the first companies to adopt Vitess and they have deployed one of the most complex and largest implementations of the technology. While it came with some challenges, the team at Jingdong worked to overcome them by making changes and improvements to the system along with creating custom automated management tools for the JDOS Kubernetes platform of Jingdong. The majority of the improvements that JD.com has made are available in the code base of Vitess for other developers to learn from and use in their own projects. Liu stated that Vitess was the solution that was most suited for their needs.

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