Jeremy Goldstein Hosts Another Even to Support Fountain House

Jeremy Goldstein is again raising money and awareness for one of his favorite charities. Fountain House is a cause that he has supported in the past, and he is now hosting a lavish wine dinner. Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer in New York City, and he has focused much of his philanthropy in the New York area. He also graduated from NYU along with other prestigious universities in America. As a practicing attorney, Goldstein specializes in advising compensation committees, CEOs, management teams and corporations in executive compensation and corporate governance matters.


Fountain House was founded in 1949 as a communal space where people suffering from mental health issues could support each other. It has grown in the last 70 years, and it is now a template for countries around the world. The success of the charity has led to the same format being used in over 20 countries. The name arose from the fountain that was outside the house that the group purchased. The mission of support has continued to this day. Fountain House offers a wide range of support tools to help people become contributing members of society.


That help comes in variety of forms. People helped by the charity are taught how to look after themselves and become independent, but they are also taught skills so that they can get jobs. They are taught culinary skills along with many others, and for those who cannot find employment, they are able to help at the charity as volunteers. The success of the program is easy to see. Sufferers helped by the home graduate high school at a much higher rate, and the need for them to return to hospital is largely reduced. They are also able to find and keep housing. The inability to keep housing is one of the biggest issue for people suffering from mental health issues, but Fountain House members are housed at a 100% rate.


With the housing and skills that they need, Fountain House patients can begin to transition into mainstream society and contribute in ways that would not have seemed possible. Jeremy Goldstein is proud to have supported the charity for so many years, and the dinner is just the latest in what will be a continued series of events aimed at raising money but also awareness for mental health issues, as mental health has become one of the biggest problems around the world.


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