Kevin Plank: A Former College Athlete That Sill Cares

The founder of Under Armour, Kevin Plank, loves sports and played football during his college years as a walkon for the University of Maryland. His own experiences on the field gave him insight into what players needed to be comfortable while playing and training. The t-shirts that he and the other members of his football team wore under all of their heavy equipment just soaked up all of their sweat which left them stuck wearing damp clothing. This was not just an issue of comfort as Kevin Plank knew that it also caused issues when players were trying to regulate their temperature in the winter. By designing and manufacturing a shirt that was able to wick the sweat away from the players’ bodies he could create a better option for players like himself and his former teammates.

Even though he has become the founder of one of the most popular sports apparel brands throughout the entire world, Kevin Plank has not forgotten his roots as a college athlete. The NCAA forbids college players from getting paid for the work that they put into their games. This means that while the team or school may have a sponsorship or deal as a whole, the players will never actually see any of this money as it is used by the school instead. The entrepreneur does not think this is fair because their professional counterparts often get paid millions of dollars from sponsorship deals and more.

Kevin Plank is often noted for doing a considerable amount of philanthropy during his career and much of it is based around sports and education. He has been known for showing talent as an entrepreneur even during his years in college before he founded Under Armour in 1996. In addition to the work that he does with Under Armour, Kevin Plank also serves as a Board Member for the National Football Foundation and the Robert H. Smith School of Business. The noted businessman who founded the company that has been valued at more than $3 billion lives in Maryland in the city of Kensington which is right outside of the Washington DC area.