Laerte Codonho Has Utilized His Unique Set Of Skills And His Personal Convictions To Build His Soft Drink Brand:

Within the Brazilian soft drink industry, the name Laerte Codonho is a name that carries a lot of weight. That is because he has become one of the most successful entrepreneurs operating in this sector of business over the past thirty-plus years. He is famous within the industry for his founding of the company Dolly. Laerte started Dolly Company as a small business but his choice to add diet soft drinks to his product line, the first to introduce this in Brazil, helped the company to grow its brand significantly. He founded the company in 1987 and it has achieved tremendous growth since that period. 

One area that Laerte Codonho has become celebrated in is the area of fairness within the market. To that effect, he has been a diligent crusader against multinational companies and their aims at taking over local markets across the globe. The unfair nature of what these companies often strive to do is something that Laerte Codonho is known to fight against throughout his business career. He is well known for standing up to big multinational entities such as Coca-Cola over several different points in which this company has tried to eliminate fair competition within the soft drink industry. Due to his bold stance, this businessman has become a hero for Brazil within the business sector. 

Marketing is an area that Laerte Codonho is also quite renowned in. His expertise in the marketing field has helped to give Dolly a big edge throughout its history in the soft drink business. Successful branding has always been high on the list of priorities that he has followed during his history running the company that he founded. Laerte Codonho is notable for using several different marketing tactics over the years to get the Dolly brand name out there to the public and to keep it in their minds. His dedication to the marketing craft has yielded consistent results for Laerte Codonho and his team at Dolly as they continue to endeavor to be a brand that Brazilian consumers know and love. 


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