Laerte Codonho Is In Love With Dolly

Laerte Codonho is a Brazilian businessman and entrepreneur. He started the soft drink company named Dolly, founded in 1987. Laerte was the first to break into the diet soda industry. Brazil did not allow diet sodas because they felt the sweeteners used were not safe enough. Codonho put together a research team to analyze sweeteners to use in his diet soft drinks (Noticiasr7). 

He finally got approval from Brazil to market the diet sodas after a deep and serious research on the quality and health impact of his products. Laerte Codonho works hard to keep the same quality products that he started with. This quality is what has brought Dolly to its popularity today. Laerte´s brands marketing strategy is change and improvement along with their mascot Dollynho who makes speeches at young students about the importance of a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. There most popular soda is guarana which has bolted the company in the Brazilian market. 

Laerte Codonho believes that it is necessary to educate consumers on the quality ingredients used in his product and is tied in with his marketing strategy. The company so far has stayed on top of its game but not without some interference. Laerte Codonho believes that an American soda company has tried to thwart Dollys attempt at getting to the top. He claims to be very diligent in overseeing every aspect of his company and seems to be doing a good job at it. 

While competing in business is the norm, everyone can learn a lot about marketing a brand from Laerte Codonho. He has a determination and finesse that has kept his brand in the public eye. He counters with raising brand awareness by billboard ads showing the quality ingredients in his products that might otherwise not be in the public eye as much. He takes being a creative innovator to new levels. He focuses on his business and that seems to be his life and love. With his talent for business, marketing and branding, he apparently puts his all into it.

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