Maarten De Jeu Has Recently Identified A List Of Key Points For International Business Owners To Consider

Maarten de Jeu is one of the most successful international business advisory professionals currently
active in today’s business sector. He holds degrees from Leiden University and the University of
Oxford and has used this knowledge and combined it with his endless enthusiasm, energy, and a
knack for business to excel in areas such as commercial real estate and the finance sector. These
days, Maarten de Jeu is plying his skills in running the SVM Business Advisory. He first launched
this international business advisory service in 2012 and since then the organization has gained
acclaim for providing professional business advisory services to the international business
community. Beyond the work that he has done professionally, Maarten de Jeu is also committed to
providing support to many civic organizations such as the Economic Club of Chicago, the
Environmental Law and Policy Center, and the Museum of Science and Industry. He is also notable
for being a devoted family man.
The topic of international business ownership is one that Maarten de Jeu recently commented on.
Concerning this, he provided some outstanding suggestions that international business owners can
apply to their companies in the drive to achieve success in a super-competitive international
business sector. The first of these suggestions that he made was that international business
owners have to focus on quality first. It is an essential element within the scope of international
business that quality is put at the top of the list of priorities. Maarten de Jeu points out the fact
that failing to do this will leave a bad impression on customers and the result can be a complete
failure of a business. He emphasizes the fact that adhering to strict quality standards pays off in a
number of ways that lead to overall success in international business.
Maarten de Jeu has also stressed the importance of detailed business planning when it comes to
succeeding in international business as an owner. Succeeding in business on a domestic level
requires careful business planning, but Maarten de Jeu points out that this is taken to the next
level of importance when one enters into the ultra-competitive market that is the international
business scene. This is why he stresses the need for detailed planning of all aspects of a business.

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Respect for the differences that one will encounter in doing international business is another
important point that Maarten de Jeu stresses when it comes to succeeding in this field. He points
out that this means respecting different cultures and customers, but it also might mean the need to
develop an ability to communicate in other languages. There are a number of differences that one
will encounter when doing business on an international level, and respecting these differences is

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