Maarten De Jeu Is A Corporate Success

Maarten de Jeu graduated at the top of his class at the University of Oxford.


Since then, he has continuously established himself as a successful businessman in whichever field he has found himself in. Fields that have included international business, financial services, and commercial real estate investment.


He has built for himself a successful career working in these fields. It is a career that has spanned multiple companies – each more prestigious than the last. And each time de Jeu had found himself in a new company – that same company found itself gaining a significant amount of profit and growth.


In 2012, de Jeu created SVM Business Advisory – a gigantic milestone in his career. 


A Budding Entrepreneur


SVM wasn’t the first time that de Jeu acted as a consultant. Earlier in his career, he had worked as the Director of Strategy and Corporate Development at Aviva plc. He also had a similar role as the International Strategy Manager at Aviva’s London office. 


It wasn’t until he joined TVDK Management Consultants that de Jeu’s true skill started to reveal itself. Working as a consultant for important clients such as Sara Lee, Heinz, and ING, de Jeu gained vital experience that would prove to be the foundation for his foray into independent consultancy with his own firm.


As his business grew, he found among his clients Ultra High Net Worth individuals, Fortune 100 financial service companies and tech start-ups. Industry knowledge combined with previous experience proved to be a powerful combination for de Jeu. His clients greatly benefited from his advice.


But his clients aren’t the only ones to benefit from de Jeu’s experience. He is an active member of the community. 


De Jeu has shared his knowledge with many people throughout these communities.


Sharing His Expertise


One of de Jeu’s favorite topics to talk about is corporate development.


Corporate development is everything that makes up the strategic decision-making that comes into play during business restructures and expansions. It involves the process of team members working on establishing important partnerships, mergers, and joint venture deals.


In short – corporate development is a complex topic that can have entire books written about it.


Maarten de Jeu, however, has managed to tackle this imposing topic and reduce it to an easy to understand concept. Complex information involving mergers and divestitures is shrunk down into an easy to digest chunk. Information such as creating target lists, risk assessment and selling non-essential assets become easily understood by anyone who puts in the effort to listen to de Jeu. Learn more:


But de Jeu shares more than just ways to improve business performance. He also helps people to enter this world of corporate development.


He goes over the skills and qualifications needed to strive in this environment. He gives advice on interviewing for a corporate development position. De Jeu even gives insight into what exactly someone in corporate development does on a daily basis.


And even once you’re in – de Jeu offers tips that have helped him get to where he is in his career.

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