Maarten de Jeu on What New Investors Ought to Consider When Looking for Commercial Real Estate

Maarten de Jeu is known in international business as a keen advisor to Fortune 100 companies and their leadership, even lending time to smaller tech startups in a number of countries. One area of expertise is commercial real estate, such as office spaces, hotels, and even apartment buildings. For investors serious about their financial security, real estate may seem a good option, as it offers up alternatives to a portfolio without worrying too much about the impact of the stock market. But there’s still much to consider, and Maarten de Jeu has some tips to get investors started.


No matter the venture, de Jeu says it’s important to realize that all business involves people. No investor can get far in acquiring a property before realizing how many people they’ll have to interact with regularly. The bigger the property, the more capital required, meaning there will be other investors to consider if things are to move forward. Private investors, lenders, buyers, landlords–there is no shortage of relationships an investor will rely on in order to carry out business. It’s best to develop better social skills, de Jeu suggests, if an investor wants to be considered reliable in business.


A good way to meet people in the real estate business is to participate in networking events. Some investors will have the means to organize their own. Either way, de Jeu sees these gatherings as ideal settings to make first impressions, and that is helped along with a credibility packet. This collects pertinent information about an investor, like their contact information, business background, testimonials from partners, business plans, statements of intention with respect to prospective acquisitions, and all other information intended to bolster an investor’s standing in the eyes of future partners. 


First impressions ought to make an investor seem both trustworthy and serious about real estate as a business. But being a successful investor requires a great deal of study, says de Jeu. Before stepping into the world of commercial real estate, de Jeu recommends studying the market, how purchasing property works, and factor in all the variables that could impact property values. When considering an actual property, de Jeu says investors will have to make repeat visits to the neighborhood in question, attend open houses and look for signs of potential repairs. These are factors that can impact the overall cost of preparing a property for tenants or influence the decision to look elsewhere.


However investors plan on proceeding, de Jeu says success depends on their involvement. Making decisions to prepare a property to receive tenants, like making renovations and modernizing where needed, is the only way to make sure the initial investment leads to returns. The risk will remain an equation in investment, notes de Jeu, but a prepared and cooperative investor can have a greater chance of seeing the payoff. Learn more:


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Maarten de Jeu is an expert in financial services and a consultant to international businesses. Having graduated from the University of Oxford with an MBA, he impressed Aviva plc, where he got his start as the Director of Strategy and Corporate Development. His expertise was needed in London, where he worked as their International Strategy Manager, before transitioning to TVDK Management Consultants, where he advised industry leaders how to best steer their companies to foreign markets.

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