Mark Holyoake Career as a Gymnast and Fitness Expert

Mark Holyoake is an expert on various subjects. He competed in numerous gymnastic competitions while growing up. Mark always enjoyed competition, and his parents encouraged him to practice as much as possible.

Although he was born in New Zealand, Mark traveled around the world while competing in gymnastics. After retiring from the sport, he had to figure out a new career path. He decided to focus on education. He wanted to teach other people the basics of living a healthy lifestyle. As a gymnast, Mark had to eat a strict diet each day. As a result, he avoided many of the most common health issues that people face.

Education in Health

Mark earned a degree in nutrition from a local college. During this time, he also started working at a fitness club. The gym was designed to give customers a convenient and relaxed atmosphere to exercise. Mark started giving people advice on how to reach their fitness goals. Many people wanted to lose weight. Others wanted to increase their strength and mobility. Mark’s experience as a gymnast helped hundreds of people with their fitness goals.


CrossFit is one of the most popular fitness companies in the world. Several years ago, Mark began training at a local CrossFit gym in his city. He instantly enjoyed all of the challenging workouts. He started to compete in CrossFit competitions, and he took a training class so he could teach the movements to others. Unlike many people who work for CrossFit, Mark can provide detailed explanations of all the actions required for a specific lift. His thorough knowledge of health and fitness make him an excellent coach for CrossFit.

Mark plans to continue coaching clients for the foreseeable future. He recently invested some money to purchase a CrossFit gym. Mark Holyoake plans to hire several coaches who have years of experience teaching others. Although Mark no longer competes in gymnastics, he still enjoys keeping up with the sport.

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