Matt Fleeger Leads Gulf Coast Western

Matt Fleeger is the owner and CEO of Gulf Coast Western, LLC. It is the Managing Venture of Oil and Gas Partnerships. Gulf Coast was founded in Dallas, Texas in 1970. The main purpose of this venture is to expand throughout the gulf coast by capitalizing on the rich domestic oil reserves within the region. Gulf Coast Western profits by seeking out opportunities with geological value, and potential for return on investment. The partnership also thrives on creating meaningful business relationships with its partners.

The successful relationships of Gulf Coast Western are demonstrated through its expansion through Southwest Louisiana. By partnering with Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration, Gulf Coast Western has gained access to hundreds of square miles, including numerous drilling locations and valuable geological data. Here, good decisions and meaningful relationship building has helped bolster the success of Gulf Coast Western.

While Gulf Coast Western is primarily based in the Southwest, it is looking to expand to other parts of the United States, and even throughout the world. Indeed, the company has partnerships that span the nation. Gulf Coast Western is known for its meaningful connections, ethics and integrity. This is fleshed out in its A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Matt Fleeger is an experienced professional within the world of oil and gas and has served in a variety of other executive positions across multiple industries throughout his career. He earned his degree in Business Administration from the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University. Matt Fleeger also founded MedSolutions Inc. He then served as the president and CEO for 13 years. He has fostered successful relationships with other partners within the industry. Again, Matt Fleeger is considered an expert within the world of oil and gas. His expertise shines through in the success of Gulf Coast Western.

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