Neurocore Efforts In Fighting Depression

Neurocore Brain Performance Center was founded in 2004, and utilized modern method like the electroencephalogram (EEG), Quantitative Electroencephalography (qEEG) and neurofeedback to help understand and improve mental sharpness. It specializes in providing brain-based assessments and training programme to individuals of different ages. The use of various technologies by Neurocore have proven to be of benefit in improving the mental health of individuals. The use of neurofeedback helps explicitly in improving mental acuity, sleep disorder and stress management. Neurocore and its application of neuroscience technology has also enabled the strengthening of mind-body connection for various patients. Athletes and different franchise have not been left behind, and are using neurofeedback as part of their training routine, and the results are evident. There are eight Neurocore performance centers located Michigan and Florida and are available for public use.

The human brain is a complex organ and scientists have spent many years trying to figure out how it works. It is resilient and adaptable and is the source of thoughts, emotion and perception. Moreover, it consists of neurons that allow us to function normally and process complex information. Using modern methods like neurofeedback, brain mapping, and EEG have enabled scientist to understand how the brain function. Having this knowledge will also help in improving the functioning of the brain. Neurocore has started utilizing the knowledge gain in treating various mental disorders like ASD, ADHD, Depression and Anxiety. Using non-invasive metal discs’ scientists can be able to detect the electrical activities in brain and hence the proof that the brain communicates by use of this electrical impulses.

Depression is a common disorder in the US, and recent research by the National Institute of mental health showed that it affects 10.3 million adults. Clinical depression is considered to be the worst, and its episodes can last even for years. Brain chemistry, hormones, and genetics have been known to be the major contributor to the disorder. The conventional treatment of depression includes the use of antidepressants, psychotherapy or the combination of the two. However, for over a decade doctors have been using EEG to diagnose depression and Neurotherapy to treat the disorder. At Neurocore depression patients are using neurofeedback technology to train the brain to avoid the symptom or overcome the disorder.

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