Nick Sarnicola, the founder of the wondrous ViSalus

Nick Sarnicola is known for his legendary twenty years of work as an entrepreneur that can lead others and create opportunities. With his guidance, he easily transforms small, aspiring companies into million, and sometimes even billion dollar, enterprises.

So how did he make it this far? Nick Sarnicola focuses on developing and training strong sales teams so that he can build million-dollar brands. His approach has turned him into a millionaire at the ripe young age of 35 and he now leads a sales team of over 100,000 people. He maximizes his potential and pushes others to do the same, that’s why he’s quickly becoming a leader in numerous industries. From modern technology industries to the more pronounced fitness industry, Nick Sarnicola is leaving his mark.

As of right now, Nick Sarnicola is one of the founders and CEO for ViSalus sciences, while also being the Co-Founder and CEO of Liv Global. Liv Global focuses on enriching the lifestyles of its members and encourages them to make their bucket list a reality; ViSalus on the other hand, challenges people to lose weight and get in shape by awarding them with millions of dollars in prizes whenever they complete the challenge. He has worked as ViSalus for about 14 years and at Liv Global for almost three.

With Nick’s deep expertise, he has curated his brands to new heights as they become sales leaders across the globe. ViSalus has quickly become a $2 billion dollar company just by utilizing Sarnicola’s powerful marketing tactic, “Challenge Marketing.” This innovative approach focuses on developing gigantic events and amazing experiences for those who take on the challenges that he markets towards customers. It appears this tactic is the midas touch of Mr.Sarnicola, as this “Challenge Marketing” approach is also quickly building Liv Global up into a fierce company as well; it challenges people to turn their bucket lists into reality.

Although Nick Sarnicola’s companies already give back a ton to their members, he is also an accomplished philanthropist. He runs ViCares and Liv2Giv, two charity organizations that let him give back even more. He also developed NextGen to guide younger entrepreneurs. Nick Sarnicola and Blake Mallen Recognize Growing Vi Italy Leadership at Vitality 2019

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