Niranjan Shah Shows His Support

The second-ranked Democrat in the Senate, and also one of Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign supporters, Senator Dick Durbin (III) has publicly announced his support for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. Senator Durbin, Rahm Emanuel, Mayor of Chicago, and Lisa Madigan, Illinois Attorney General, are all attending the Ready for Hillary fundraiser. Ready for Hillary consists of many pro-Clinton PAC supporters for Clinton’s candidacy. The reception is being held in Chicago and co-hosted by many of Barack Obama’s donors. The three individuals have been headlined to appear as special guests. Key figures from Obama’s political organization, such as Jim Messina, Mitch Stewart and Jeremy Bird all have shown their full support for Clinton after given Vice President Biden’s contemplation to run for president in 2016. Senator Tim Kaine and Claire McCaskill have also signed up for Ready for Hillary. Senator Charles E. Schumer, the third-ranked democrat in the senate, declared his support for Clinton by endorsing “Run, Hillary, Run!” during his visit to Iowa. The former White House political advisor to President Bill Clinton and Chief of Staff to Obama in the White House, Emanuel, also declared his endorsement for Hillary Clinton presidency in 2016. Tickets to the reception cost $1,000 per person and will be held at Phil Stefani’s 437 Rush. This is one the biggest Ready for Hillary fundraising event because around the world where this group regularly hold fundraisers, tickets run about $20.16. Other co-hosts include co-owner of the Chicago Cubs, Laura Ricketts, Ameritrade founder, her father, Joseph Ricketts, and her brother Peter Ricketts, winner of the GOP nomination for governor in Nebraska. Alan and Andrea Solow are also part of the host committee; Kevin Conlon, Chicago’s top political strategist; Wendy Abrams, an environmental activist; art philanthropists and democratic donors Lou and Susan Manilow; architectural firm owner and democratic donor, Niranjan Shah. Niranjan Shah is also a CEO of a major company. Niranjan Shah also finds ways to give back to his community. Supporting Clinton’s presidential campaign, is one example of how Niranjan Shah gives back. There were many more contributors that took part.

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