Niranjan Shah

Niranjan Shah is one of the most recognized executives in business throughout the city of Chicago. He is the founder of Globetrotters, an architectural engineering firm. Niranjan Shah is also a Democratic donor and a key supporter of Hillary Clinton’s Ready PAC event in Chicago during her 2016 presidential run. Along with this, he was also one of the philanthropists who assist with sponsorship for the event. Niranjan Shah helped his community with his efforts, and he remains a member of the Chicago business section.

In 2014, Senior United States Senator from Illinois, Dick Durbin was a massive adherent early on for the 44th president of the United States, Barack Obama. Towards the end of Obama’s presidency run, Sen. Durbin decided to support the 2016 presidential campaign of former first lady, Hillary Clinton. Durbin was a significant supporter in Obama’s first presidential campaign, especially at the start of it. Additionally, he played a vital part in helping Obama with his debates with Clinton during the Democratic primaries in 2008.

Along with Durbin, Hillary Clinton received an endorsement during her 2016 presidential campaign from former Chicago mayor, Rahm Emanue. Emanue was also a United States House of Representatives from Chicago, a former adviser to Bill Clinton, and apart of Obama’s political staff. Hillary Clinton received support from former speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives, Michael Madigan.

Ready PAC, also known as “Ready for Hillary”, earned Durbin’s full support as he helped headline the Ready PAC event in Chicago. The event was held at a steakhouse called Phil Stefani’s 437 Rush. It cost each $1,000 for entry. To this date, Ready PAC in Chicago is among the largest fundraising events throughout Hillary Clinton’s political career. The Ready PAC event in Chicago included host committee members such as Kevin Conlon, Wendy Abrams, and Niranjan Shah, among others.

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