Nitin Khanna: Traversing the Risk of Cannabis Investments

Being an entrepreneur involves taking risks. There is a measurable percentage that everyone is willing to take when it comes to business. However, for some, that risk is much larger than others. Nitin Khanna is one of those rare individuals. Here’s why.


Starting his entrepreneurial journey he co-founded a tech company called Saber Corp. Within a decades time, he grew the company to become one of the largest in the United States. By 2007 the company had more than 1,200 employees and a revenue of more than $120 million. It was sold for more than $450 million to a company called EDS. The sale was monumental, but he took charge again and grew the revenue from $120 million to as much as $300 million.

Uncommon Ground

During his time at Saber Corp, he had learned a lot about mergers and acquisitions. His experience had given him the idea for a new market, one less traveled. He would later start a company called MergerTech, which focused on providing merger and acquisitions advice. Soon after quickly cornered the market and became a world leader within the niche. Unlike the competition and major US financial institutions, Mr. Khanna focused internationally. He saw, when no one else could, that companies overseas would pay more for a US tech company than many US tech giants. Because of this foresight, and the ability to take a risk, he secured record-breaking deals. He was able to take this advantage and leverage it to the top of the charts.

A Booming Industry

Mr. Khanna has made India proud as he continues to demonstrate business acumen. Presently he is leading the expedition into the industry of medicinal and recreational cannabis. With greater risk comes a greater reward as the $100 Billion industry is set to take off nationwide. In 2015, Cura Cannabis Solutions has sought some of the most notable oil providers in Oregon’s.

After trailblazing the tech industry he has done it again. He is a continued inspiration for anyone looking to make it big in Cannabis field, particularly in the Pacific Northwest.

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