OSI Group: Plans of McDonald’s Adding Meatless Burgers as a Menu Item

OSI Group, a limited liability company specializing in meat production and processing formed a partnership with McDonalds in 1955. Their business relationship continues today as the restaurant chain’s sole producer of fresh beef patties and other food items. In August 2019, OSI Group in Chicago began production of a new product, the Impossible Burger, a plant-based meatless patty by Impossible Foods. Burger King began advertising and selling its grilled Impossible Whoppers later that month in America. McDonald’s Corporation may have plans to launch the P.L.T. meatless burger in the US soon.

Food experts are speculating if McDonald’s will add meatless burgers to its menu in the US and continue Canadian operations. Brands, such as Impossible Foods, Awesome Burger, and Beyond Meat are attracting diverse customers looking for alternative proteins to replace meat. Burger King is among American restaurants to offer a meatless burger on its menu. OSI Group McDonalds is a partner with Burger King, Impossible Foods, and McDonald’s Corporation as a supplier and processor.

The North American Franchise is testing the plant, lettuce and tomato (P.L.T.) vegan burger at 28 locations in Ontario, Canada. The test results will provide important information and data regarding the taste of meatless burgers. Canadian McDonalds are using Beyond Meat, a vegan veggie burger to test marketing, operations, and sales. The P.L.T. burger is costing customers 6.49 Canadian dollars, equivalent to 4.90 US dollars.

When the franchise announced the meatless burger testing in September, Beyond Meat’s stock rose by 11 percent. US restaurants have no meatless burgers on its menus while food analysts in the industry are questioning the possibilities. It is possible the franchise is waiting for Canadian testings to end.

McDonalds is selling plant-based burgers at its restaurants in Israel and Germany under a partnership with Nestle. CNBC reported on November 11th, 2019, that McDonald’s stocks rose by eight percent this year valued at $148 billion. If the P.L.T. meatless burger is a success in Ontario, McDonald’s Corporation will most likely add it to its American menu. OSI Group in Chicago is monitoring the meatless industry while processing Impossible Burgers.

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