OSI Group: Search + Article Recap

As the world leader in the food production industry, OSI Group has used its global position to ensure the safe handling and processing of food products and environmental safety. The award-winning company is now an international corporation that began as a butcher shop on the West side of Chicago. Under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin, the food processor has the most robust reputation in the food processing industry. The Chair and CEO Sheldon Lavin has received several awards and accolades for environmental safety in food handling and for job producing efforts around the world. The company processes and distributes meat products to the finest restaurants and the largest food corporations in the world. Read more on wattagnet.com

The OSI Group has always been on the cutting edge of the latest technology. The company has developed ways to protect the environment while processing huge food orders. The OSI Group first large-scale client was McDonald’s Corporation. The company began processing meat patties for the restaurant over thirty years ago and they continue this corporate relationship today. The company also serves Burger King Corporation, Subway Corporation, the poultry industry, gourmet restaurants, and family owned restaurants.

The OSI Group has set the standard for food preparation and has received awards from around the world for its success. The company has a reputation of being the leader in food production and sustainability. The company is operating in over 60 countries and has several dozen production plants. The company has expanded into the poultry industry. It is processing chicken for poultry producers in Spain and other countries.

The company also processes meat, sausage, steaks, and ribs for many of the world’s finest restaurants. The customer base for the OSI Group ranges from the local restauranteur to the worlds’ largest food production corporations. Under the leadership of the CEO Sheldon Lavin the company remains one of the largest meat production corporations in the world.

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